We are Wallace Witty Frampton & Veltry, PC – a different kind of law firm. Welcome to our website.

The roots of our firm began over thirty years ago when Martin Wallace and Emanuel Witty set up shop to help the people of Suffolk County with their legal problems. Since then, we have developed a reputation as Long Island’s premier litigation and transactional law firm. We are tough litigators with an eye toward detail. We are known throughout the State as being top notch lawyers offering expedient and creative solutions to complex legal problems. We welcome difficult cases and have the experience, expertise and resources to provide the highest quality representation. As our past clients will attest, we get results.

As Long Island’s premier litigation firm, we stand ready to provide aggressive advocacy on your behalf. We are skilled in the courtroom and ruthless negotiators. Our lawyers are trial hardened litigators with years of experience going up against the toughest adversaries in the State of New York. We possess stellar academic credentials, and are known and respected for the zealous advocacy of our clients.


Teamwork and communication are key. People are rarely happy to learn that they need a lawyer. The reality is that most times the need for legal counsel is occasioned by unfortunate and often tragic circumstances. Our attorneys and staff make every effort to ease the burden, and make the process as painless as possible. For most people, legal proceedings are a daunting experience, full of the unknown and unanswered. We make communication, client information and clarity a top priority.

We get results. Many of our clients have been with the firm for decades. They keep coming back because they believe in our ability to accomplish their objectives. As skilled litigators, we know how to resolve cases. Lawsuits are brought, cases are settled under our terms, or we go to trial. In matters involving transactions, we know how to close a deal under the right terms.